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We invest in entrepreneurs on the verge of making a breakthrough in the health-tech industry to make healthcare accessible for all.

We invest in your potential

Our decades of experience in the healthcare industry has helped us understand what it takes for a new business to make their groundbreaking innovations accessible to everyone.

We leverage this understanding of the healthcare landscape to add strategic value to young ventures and help them thrive.

All the expertise you need, under one roof

Being the drivers behind the success of Zandu Pharma and ZCL Chemicals, we have deep-sector expertise in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, entrepreneurship and investment dimensions. With our proficiency, we aim to make top-quality healthcare accessible to anyone who requires it.

Product of

Health 4.0

Health 4.0 - a concept derived from the fourth manufacturing revolution (Industry 4.0), refers to the modernisation of healthcare to make it smarter and more connected using the internet of things and cloud computing.

Ultimately, it aims to use large amounts of data to make healthcare more accessible to people without the element of physical human interaction.

Standing tall with you, every step of the way

Our experienced team of professionals are proactive in their approach and truly believe in our philosophy. Together, we make sure your business gets the support it needs to scale up.

Nihar Parikh - 4pointzero Health VC

Nihar Parikh

Founder, 4point0

Nihar Parikh is the founder of 4point0, a health tech firm that invests in entrepreneurial ventures and has the potential to create path-breaking innovations that help every individual get access to top quality health care.

Hailing from a family that owned the iconic Zandu Pharmaceuticals, Nihar was immediately called by his family to head Zandu Chemicals (ZCL), a loss-making company that was bought back by the family in 2008, for a mere ₹12.5 crores.

Nihar is credited for the complete overhaul of the company, which eventually turned it into a profit minting giant worth ₹2000 Crores. He has a background in Chemical Engineering. Additionally, he interned with Johnson and Johnson, Belgium, prior to heading ZCL.

Piloting innovations for the people, by the people

Our expertise and experience in this space add merit to businesses.

Founded by a healthcare entrepreneur.

We understand the space and have built large healthcare businesses.

We bring more than just the investment to the table by adding strategic value to the business.

Our philosophy is - To invest only in companies where we can add strategic value, creating a win-win situation for the company, the founder, and the investors.

Turning ideas into inspiration

The 4point0 family is made of daring entrepreneurs who made leaps and bounds with our support

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Our success stories are making the headlines.
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Nihar Parikh - 4pointzero Health VC

Aug 11, 2022

Zandu scion Nihar Parikh sets up a family office for healthcare bets

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Nihar Parikh - 4pointzero Health VC

Aug 11, 2022

Entrepreneur Nihar Parikh Sets Up $75 Mn Fund To Back Early & Growth-Stage Healthtech Startups

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